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I have found the creative commons search engine incredibly difficult to use thus far. I’ve been searching for things relevant to dating abuse, but almost everything that comes up is not particularly applicable. For example, when I search for man hitting woman, pictures of couples appear. Definitely not what I’m going for. A search for battered women also doesn’t have anything useful, as with several other searches. So here is a picture of a crying woman in the foreground with another concerned looking on in the background. I think it’s about as close as I will find. Maybe we can somehow tie this in with a scene involving Sara trying to console or give advice to Sarah after she has been abused.

In my search for a song to play, this is the only one I came across that had any relevance whatsoever. It isn’t very good. At all. We definitely shouldn’t use it. But it is about online dating, so it could somehow get thrown in if we change our plot around a little bit. We do plan on doing some facebook chat message scenes for our video, so it could be played in the background, but I’m sure there are better songs out there for it.

As for a relevant video, I figured I would include a video that I was involved in senior year. I already mentioned it earlier in this blog, but it actually does work here. This video is about different forms of rape. The scene on acquaintance rape would actually be a common thing for an abusive relationship. Since rape is any non-consensual sex, even if it is forced from a man on his wife or girlfriend, that could be included in a dating abuse scenario. I don’t know how we could possibly tie another video into the video that we will create though, so I don’t think it will actually be all that useful for the purposes of this project.

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