Creative process

Working on this project has been an interesting experience for me. The group dynamics are actually really interesting, because the four of us are each in a different year of college. As the senior in the group, I would say that I am arguably the laziest. That being said, all of us want to get it done and have roughly similar motivation levels.

During this process, we’ve had a number of successes, but there are also future issues that we will need to contend with, and I will detail some of these successes/issues here.

Our first and most important success was determining the overall vision we had for our project. We had a number of good ideas and it was tough deciding how we wanted to go about making the project both doable for us as well as entertaining and unique for its consumer. Ultimately we settled on using a mix of webcam shots and screen casting of facebook message conversations.

The next success was completing our script. As I write this, almost the entire script is complete. There is still one scene left: the one where my abuse of Sarah is so over the top and extreme that everything breaks. We put a good amount of work into the script thus far, and it captures the emotions we are trying to show very well. This last scene is difficult though, because the original abuse was fairly extreme, and we need some collaboration to complete it.

Another major problem we are having is coordinating our schedule to find good times to meet up. It will be tricky to do the filming and overall work of putting it all together since we all have very different and busy schedules. I generally have the most free time, but I seem to be busy on the days everyone else is free. This will be a challenge but we’ll be able to figure it out and make it work somehow.

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