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Audio Attempt

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It was actually an interesting experience creating this file. I spent the whole class period attempting to splice a remix by Adam K and Soha called “Need to Feel Loved”, which is a great song. However, the progressive house rhythms and lack of chorus were too much for me to handle, and I failed at finding an adequate place to splice the song.

When I got back from class, I decided to experiment with Ableton Live, a program I have wanted to use for a long time now. After about three hours of finding out cool things about Ableton but nothing relevant to this assignment, I decided to save that experimentation for my own time. Ableton, you are awesome, and I will be back.

Today, I decided to go back to the computer lab and finish this assignment once and for all, with Garageband. This time, I decided that I wanted to use songs that reference or are about people named Mike. Fitting. Anyways, my selections are “Pool Party” by The Aquabats, a ska super group, and the classic “Paul Revere” by none other than the Beastie Boys. Best lyric ever: “I’m Mike D. and I get respect. Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect.” Sounds like something awesome to put on one of my shirts…

Anyways, I spliced “Pool Party” at a part that I thought appropriate, even though its not quite seamless. I really like the effect I have of crescendoing through the splice and then the big band chorus coming in, followed by the crossfade into “Paul Revere”. The song just becomes audible as they introduce Mike D., the uber-badass in the heist that is detailed in the song. All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself.

There were two things I didn’t like about my audio. The first is that right in the beginning of it, there seems to be issues with the audio quality. A higher quality version of the song probably could have reduced that static sound in the beginning. Second, my voice over is really quite. I assure you I am not that timid, but I didn’t feel comfortable yelling at the screen with fifty people around me in the computer lab. Not going back to the asylum, not this time.

I hope you enjoy!

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